Cobra CB and an Antenna

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Mar 14, 2006
Sandy Eggo
United States
For sale is a Cobra 18WXST single din CB with microphone & misc. antenna parts. I am not sure what is up with the radio, I bought it off of eBay and everything works on it with the exception of hearing people talk over the CB. They can hear you and the speaker works when you go to the weather channels but for some reason nothing comes over the speaker when in CB mode?
So if you can put some solder down in the right place to make this work you will get a killer deal for just $20 and that includes the ride to your door.
CB & Antenna Picture Link

I also have a 19" magnetic antenna that I recently upgraded with a more fixed full time use one. This is just $15 to your door.
Anybody ever bite on this? Is there a speaker out wire to where this could be connected to an external speaker?

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