Coastal Cruiser Meeting August 8

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Jan 19, 2005
Vancouver, Canada
Heads up gearheads!
Coastal Cruisers Meeting Thursday, August 8.
Come for the suds and tall tales of summer wheeling 2013.
Be there, or we'll be talking about you!!

I am currently out of town, won't be back in Van until Thursday midnight
No hats may be worn in the Legion

2513 Clarke St, Port Moody, BC V3H 1Z3

2000 (ish) or 8:00PM (ish)

I'll let other's fill in the blanks.

Where we meet for grub, prior to the meeting

I think a few of us will meet up at St. James Well
248 Newport Drive, Port Moody, BC V3H 5B9, Canada
I've printed the agenda, Bill. Thanks. I'll bring a copy for Steve and take notes.

Hope your wife is feeling better soon!
Any TLCA update, Jeremy?
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