Coal Mine Cruiser Classic

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Jun 10, 2003
San Jose, CA
For those who were interested at the Jan. meeting...


"The 7th Annual Coal Mine Cruiser Classic is being held on Thursday, June 15 through Saturday, June 17, 2006. This three-day event is filled with four wheeling for every skill level. It'll be three days that you won't soon forget. CMCC will take place at the famed Paragon Adventure Park (PAP) located in Hazleton, PA.
Get details and applicatons here in early 2006"

I'm definitely making it a goal to get there this year.

Would be great to have a showing as a club!
I am in.
looks like this week the 40 will be street legal:)
ammazing what a little motivation will do for ya :)
Well, after a long hiatus, I cleared out the garage & should have my cruiser out of the weeds & back inside this weekend to begin some more work...

Hoping to get the traction bar done & some other little stuff (drag link bumpstop, fuel line/pump mount, fuses, etc.). I also plan on getting some tires from NTW... anyone (PJ?!) planning on going down there???

I'm still not sure it'd be bright to drag it all the way across the state on its virgin run after I changed EVERYTHING... things are tight $-wise & it'd cost too much to tow it out just to have it break & sit there.

I would feel a little better w/ a shakedown run, but I'm leaning towards just riding shotgun w/ you or Scott this year.

-Ed 70FJ40
I am sorry to say that I will not be attending the cmcc this year.
My Cruiser will not be done by then and at this point I dont want to rush.
Maybe next month we can all go on a small ride out in greensburgh?
That's dissapointing. What happened? Thought you only had those spring hangers to do.

So... since you're not rushing, you could always come over and help me rush.

I decided for me rush was the right choice (vs. leaving it sit for another year). I worked 26 hrs on it Sat/Sun, but still have many more hours to put in before departure.
You guys missed a super-fun time. Too bad for you.

My cruiser worked awesome!

And I met some fantastic, friendly people.

I immediately departed from my original plan of staying on the bunny slopes... I quickly gained confidence in my new steed, crawlin on black trails.

In fact, anyone that saw it out there had a hard time believing it had open diffs front & rear: a couple of the guys in our group said they wanted to tear down the axles for inspection! ;) It just went!

Here's a couple quick pix below, and HERE are some more of my 2006 CMCC pix.




The only trouble to report is that my alternator went south the first day (but this wasn't a problem since I had a big enough battery to run all day without charging (even with the electric fuel pump).

Overall, I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER with how my cruiser turned out! :grinpimp:

...Or with the CMCC experience. :D
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Bandy Rooster: were you there? What were you driving? Any pix of you & your rig?

I met a bunch of people, but dunno who their MUD screen name is... wonder if we met? -Ed
Glad you came out Ed!
hope you had a good time with the VA crew. Great people, that's why i hang out with them :D

pghfj40's ride was indeed capable! Well done! less fabbing and more wheeling ;)

keep the Pig Run in mind! It will be a great time!

I would definitely like to make the Pig Run.

I'll have to see though how $ and time look for me as time goes on... but will do my best to get there somehow. -Ed

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