SOLD Co Springs, CO: Dobinsons 100 Series 1.5" lift

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Sep 13, 2016
Manitou Springs, CO
United States
This lift came installed new on my 2001 LC at around 230k miles. I now have 245k on it and want to go with a 2-2.5" lift and 35's. Any interest in this Dobinsons setup? Nothing wrong with it except for gravel chips on the front of the rear shocks. Priced new at $985 - Dobinsons 1-1.5

*forgot to add that I will need to order and install the new lift before I can ship this out

$600 or BO + Shipping or Pickup?
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Do you know which rear springs it has (C59-167, 169, 171, or 185)?
Do you know which rear springs it has (C59-167, 169, 171, or 185)?

Unfortunately, no. I looked in my receipts and found the printout but he did not print the page that shows the detailed list. I did see he wrote 2" lift though, not 1.5" like I posted. I'll look closer at the springs when I get a chance and see if there is a mark on them or something. it did sit really high in the back even with the 4x4 Labs bumper, until I loaded it down with my 2 drawer setup. So I am guessing they are at least Medium or Firm.

Still waiting on my new lift to ship, hopefully this week then I can take this one off.
10-4, let me know if you can figure out the spring type and I may be interested. Thanks!
Just heard back from TT, sounds like he will have my new lift ready to ship in the next few days so mine will be off sometime next week. I do have a few people interested in it so I'll just go in the order of who replied first if that's fair :beer:
I'll stand in line, thx.
Ok finally have the lift removed, here are some pics. A little dirty, some overspray and rock chips on the rear shocks but otherwise in great shape.






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