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I'm looking at a 2001 LC. In great shape mechanically (all major maintenance (timing belt, water pump, serpentine) completed within past couple months). May need brakes soon.

200k miles. Under $10k.

Decent tires. A few cosmetic blemishes. Back left bumper is sagging a little (maybe just some broken clips?)

***Hoping for some feedback on rust repair on top right corner of passenger side above windshield. Looks to be beneath the surface from the photo. If it's in the channel it may be a costly fix? Anyone have any experience with a repair like this...or estimate on cost? No rust on undercarriage.

No NAV. Steering wheel is knackered thus the cover (have been researching fixes on MUD). ..seems to have been a mall crawler most of its life. Thanks for any assistance and feedback!

LC roof rust.jpg

LC back left bumper.jpg

LC front right bumper.jpg

LC drivers seat.jpg
Windshield rust is kind of a big deal. There will "likely" be more rust under molding along length of roof. If any rust holes in sheet metal, it will need body work. No holes, it can be cleaned of old poly (PITA) and reseal the metal then replace windshield.

Rear bumper is no big deal. Very easy to fix.
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It could be expensive to fix windshield. I paid $1500 for new windshield, moldings, rust repair, and body paint. If you are willing to short cut the paint job, might save some money.
Agree with the above. My LX had only subtle paint bubbling that I missed before buying. 2k to fix rust and replace windshield. I’d either avoid that one or At least plan on the fix and negotiate accordingly.
Spoke to a body shop. The estimate was $1100 low end to $2000 to repair. I just think that location could mean more trouble in the future even with rust repair. Last thought...if this vehicle could be had for $6500, worth rolling the dice and hoping roof rust could be fixed for less than $2000? Thanks for the feedback.
If all else passes inspection, I say yes! But believe me, it takes a keen eye to inspect these. Then add $2K minimum for base line over time, if you wrench, more if you don't!
Posting some more detailed photos of the rust. Owner is getting closer to $6800 on price. Any opinions on the updated photos appreciated. **Also, little items, but how much should I expect to replace worn steering wheel and antenna mast? Sounds like the antenna motor still works. I'm seeing more LC and LX hitting the papers and online as gas prices rise $$$...but this owner seems really genuine and honest. Wrenched quite a bit himself. No NAV or AHC are bonuses here for me as well. Also, previous owner rerouted fuse box. Everything is working, but is this cause for alarm? Seems like it may be a relatively common issue? Thanks for the feedback!

fuse box.JPG



What state is it from? Seems crunchy, and the saggy bumper and shoddy relay box appear suspect. I would pay more for a cleaner example, especially because we are close to NM and AZ.

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