SOLD CO: 80 series Ironman constant rate 2 inch springs

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Aug 26, 2017
Fountain, CO
Hello, I’m selling my full set of front and rear 2 inch lift Ironman constant rate springs. No issues with sagging. I swapped them out because I wanted more lift and variable rate springs. The springs were painted black by the PO and the yellow color is starting to bleed through in some spots. No shipping at the moment.

I attached a photo of my 80 on 35s with the springs installed.

I’m asking 150 picked up in Colorado Springs or 250 shipped Thanks!




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I accidentally also added a photo of my dog sleeping. Since it’s already up there it’ll stay for everyone’s viewing pleasure lol.
Not at the moment sorry
Are you willing to ship?

Not at the moment sorry. Shipping will probably be at least 60 bucks per box and there will be 2 boxes. You can get a new set of springs for only a bit more if you factor shipping costs for these.
Bump 150 picked up or 250 shipped.

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