CO 4x4 run: Yankee Hill: Sun 28 Dec

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Apr 15, 2003
Ireland; USA (WA,CO, CA, CT), Scotland, London
I've been waiting for the pics all day, come on now Brendan, some of us live for this stuff, :D :D :D, Brad.
Update: see


we had a blast!

10:30am Darren (nice blue! 90 4Runner) had picked up Matt Miller (Sedalia) as a passenger made Central City first.
Mike Arron (91'80, 35" + Caddy engine), Michael Adams (95'80 with 285's AT) and myself (96' 80 with 34" Simex).
Robbie (94'80, 5" lift, 35 Trxuus) followed a little later and we headed up the hill and W to Yankee Hill.

11am: After several zigzags around on some dirt trails we finally found the right track. Initially there was no snow on the ground and worried that it would be a snow less run but in the end those fears were blown away.

Getting further up the hill we started hitting some snow drifts and those got deeper and more snow on the ground as we got further in. We all suffered some pin striping from the evergreen growth but Robbie helped with his tree removal capability (ala roof-rack on top and aggressive driving).

Meet some ATV's but no other 4x4's that day. As got further in we broke new snow. Snow had a crusty layer on top (allowed Mike to fly - more on that later) but very fine (sugar) snow underneath - nearly like sand. Started getting into snow 2-4" and some drifts 1-3ft. Robbie did most of the trail 'making' and needed a couple of pullbacks once or twice. Methinks he is trying to prove the worth of those Trxus tires?

Stopped at 1:30am for a bite to eat (mostly in the trucks) as just a little cool outside (9f) and Michael and myself stopped for awhile to let the (big) boys go further and break some more drifts. Well standing there for 15+ mins they only got 50yds trying to get thru a drift. The two (little 2-3yrs) boys decided it was too cold outside and didn't wanna sled. Michael tried is luck (2nd time) on fandgangled army food (or was it Air Force?) by exposing to air and magically heats up. Worked this time but sure looked like smush and not convinced about the taste of all that chemical warmer!

Half-hour later the snow-busting boys (Robbie, Mike and Darren) arrived back and headed down the trail. Found our way back out ok and on the way found the local Sheriff and a tow truck taking away a car that had gone of the track (had door open and flashing lights). How it had got that far in on the dirt track was a mystery.

3:30-4pm: Most of us aired up down in Central City's gas station and headed home. Gone day enjoyed by all and no breakages (thankfully otherwise someone would have had frostbite!)

Robbie gets award for hardest worker with his snow trail making and tree grooming service.
Mike Arron gets award for 'most-air' (not that anyone saw it and no photographic evidence!). Claims he couldn't recreate the event as Robbie smashed is takeoff ramp (3ft snow).
Darren Kilgore gets the award for cleanest truck before and after!
Matt Miller gets travelers award from getting from Sedalia.
The man of the day was Michael Adams in his FZJ80, 285 BFG AT's (down to 20psi?), ARB front and Slee carrier on rear with NO lockers. It made it thru and only got stuck one (needed tug up hill from a rut) and a pullback when nudged a tree on the front. Showed what a little momentum and good driving could do!
Me I get the award for smelliest truck on the inside (as my 3yr old decided that last nights dinner wasn't to his taste!).

Not sure when next run is. Any other 80s interested drop me a line.
Rising Sun has arranged an outing on NY Day at SlaugherHouse Gulch.
Brad Steffens (Fort Collins way) thinking about one on the 2nd (and some camping!!)
Me thinking about cleaning my truck and building up some home brownie points!

Longmont, Colorado

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