CM15 Pre-Run

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Oct 22, 2002
Durango, Colorado

The 2015 Cruise Moab Pre-Run has been posted. 3/12-15/15. Camping at Area BFE as usual.

This weekend is held to train future Cruise Moab Trail Leaders. It's open to anyone who is interested in the possibility of doing so in he future. If you have never been to Moab it's a great event. See the link above for details. Camping is primitive, no facilities are available. Portable potty is highly recommended. Please bring one bundle of firewood for the group fire.

Pending my work schedule I plan to leave for Moab on Wednesday morning. Bridger will be with me. We will probably do some mountain biking before he main group from Denver arrives Thursday evening.

Area BFE is at least 1000' higher than town. Be prepared for below freezing temps at night. Daytime highs are normally in the low 60's that time of year. It's a great time to be there. I never miss this trip. Generally there is a large group from Durango that attend. Post up if you plan to make it.
Not sure how to post without quoting you. I'm trying to leave in the morning on Thursday, but will likely be noon.

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