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Aug 10, 2013
Im having some problems with my 73 cruiser. Issue: when I step on the clutch and release it, it doesn't engage until almost the end but I still have plenty of clutch left. Does anyone know what the problem is?
The rod between the clutch slave and the clutch fork on the bellhousing is adjustable. John
The real issue that's bothering me is first gear it lacks power and makes a knocking noise.
That last part you shared sounds like the clutch is barely engaging and lugging the motor, try to adjust it and see if that fixes both problems.
Can I fill the transmission on just the transmission side or do I have to fill the fluid onto both the transfer case and the transmission.
sounds like your clutch is wore and slipping if adjustment doesnt fix it you may need a clutch. .you can fill just the tranny but while your at it check the t case when the seal works they are seperate units.its not a fxxxing fj lol

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