Clutch Woes

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Jul 18, 2008
Mobile, AL
Well the past few days have been very trying on me. First one of my labs ran away. Well the RHD cruiser made it easier to put out flyers.

Now I can't get the clutch to engage, and the truck sounds like you dropped an handful of change in a disposal. :( I can shift gears with out any issues... i just sit there. :(
petal feeling has not changed, but that is possible... i had issues with it not wanting to fully disengage the clutch...

The only thing i have done out of the ordinary was running in 4L to climb a slick hill
let someone help you depresing the clutch pedal .. then you looking under your cruiser if your clutch fork had the complete movement .. ( at least 1" ) if it move and your truck don't could be your disc .. pass away ..
Sounds like a shredded disc to me. Is there an inspection cover on the bottom of your bellhousing? If there is sawdust looking stuff in there you will know.

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