Clutch Slave Cylinder

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Jul 9, 2003
Hey Everybody,
Brand new FJ40 owner checking in.

I have a bad leak in the clutch slave cylinder and a brand new one to install. This is all new to me and I am not extremely automechanically inclined.

Can anyone give a blow by blow how-to on replacing the slave cylinder or point me to a previous post or link that would explain.

My cuiser is parked on some acrage about 40 miles from my house. I would need a list of recommended tools to take so as to be prepaired for the job.

Thanks in advance for your help.

You can do this one. Slave is mounted with 2 bolts. You will probably want to drain the system first. There is a bleeder valve on the slave itself. Loosen that up, attach a hose or put a container under it and pump the clutch a few times to drain the fluid out. Helps if you take the cap off of the master first. The plunger that comes out of the slave to the clutch release arm has a couple of nuts on it. Back those off and loosen the plunger up to take any pressure off of it. You will probably have to reuse it unless you got a new one with the slave cylinder. Unbolt the slave and detach the hose. Attach new hose to new slave, install plunger and remount. Adjust the plunger so it's snug against the slave arm (should have just a hair of play in it). Refill master with clean fluid, bleed system (helps if you have a friend for this part) Make some small adjustments to the plunger once you get all the air out and your good to go.

If your a one man show for this, Napa and the like sell a little system to make bleeding easier if your alone. It's a tube with a bottle that you can attach to the bleeder and pump the clutch to bleed by yourself. It works pretty good. It's made for brakes but it will work for this too.

I am no mechanic but I have done this a few times, usually on the side of the road ::)


Good luck

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