Clutch slave cylinder which one?

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May 5, 2009
Hey fellas, ok i have a 74' 40 and it has the 1.5F engine pervious owner put in front disc brakes, i just put in new calipers pads and new rear wheel cylinders and shoes now i noticed my master cylinder is leaking so i ordered a 78' master cylinder from napa i hope that works!( please advise ).

ALSO every two weeks i have to top off the clutch master cylinder so ive decided to replace the clutch slave cylinder as well. When i gave napa a shout they said they found two differnt ones... one for a 74 and one for a 75 which one should i put on the 74 comes with the rod but after doing research it looks like the 75 is for fj40s with disc brakes... they ordered the 74 with the rod in it for now here are the links for the 74 from napa and the 75 from napa...

oh and i have another question because the master cylinder is leaking i notice the front pads are now rubbing slightly on the rotors will that be fixed when i put the new master cylinder on? the old one is leaking over night and the resevoir is empty every morning !!!

the following one comes without rod

for the price i should of had him order both LOL...

please advise...

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Clutch Slave Cylinder rod travel

Jim..... could you please amplify on your post about the larger clutch slave cylinder bore offering the most travel? Are you referring to the distance that the slave cylinder rod would travel when the clutch pedal is fully pressed down? If so, it seems to me that the opposite would be true.

Here are the sizes of the clutch slave cylinders:
66-74 years 3/4" bore
75-85 years 13/16" bore

I believe clutch master cylinders have a 3/4" bore for the 74-76 years. Like I said, it seems the 3/4" bore slave cylinder, would have more slave cylinder rod travel than the 13/16" bore cylinder if both were supplied fluid from the 3/4" bore master cylinder.

Just wondering..... Thanks!!
OK.... many thanks for the clarification, Brett. Appreciate you clearing my mind.

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