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Jul 6, 2006
Hey guys this is really unrelated but my buddy cooked his clutch when he got stuck on a snow bank this winter. The vehicle is a 1991 Mitsu Pajero, I know I know I shouldn't mention such things, but I checked out some of the Mitsu Forums in Canada, and its like there first ever truck and none of them seem to have the knowledge like the IH8MUD or Toyota community. That being said I'm just looking for a basic overview of what I will need to do to drop his tranny and remove the clutch and install a new one.

We've only so far have taken the center console and shifter boots off, will I need to remove the shifters themselves or will it come as one. Sadly the only experience I have with tranny removal is on a 92 Nissan 240sx, where you had to twist the tranny as you remove it to get it out of there.

It also seems I will have to drop the transfer case with the tranny, it is all in line and the tranny has the support beam under it, as well as disconnect certain parts of the Exhaust system to make room for hands, cuckle haha.

So please help me even though its not a Toyota,
Thanks in advance
Feb 10, 2004
Derwent Alberta
remove the boots,
remove the driveshafts,
remove shifters,
remove clutch linkage and or slave cllinder,
remove speedo cable
if vacumm shift remove lines
remove tranny from bellhousing
remove bell housing
remove pressure plate, clutch disc and release bearing
remove flywheel for turning
remove pilot bearing
replace with new parts (clutch disc, release bearing, pilot bearing, pressure plate or if possible turn pressure plate, turn and replace flywheel)
reassemble in reverse of above.

this is the method for a land cruiser, pajero will be close to the same.

cheers and good luck
Jul 6, 2006
Thanks Wayne, I was hoping you would chime in.

So its all apart and just sitting on the crossmember, I can't drop it yet without a floor jack or something like that so tomorrow it will all be done.

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