Clutch Release (TO) Bearing Source

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Jan 1, 2011
Tempe, Arizona
Any recommended sources for a TO Bearing for a ‘78 FJ40? Has anyone bought the Toyo Clutch Release Bearing from FJparts? Is that a high quality bearing?
On sale @ PartGeek for $30.58. Well, I guess the FJparts bearing is the same Koyo OEM bearing, just a few dollars more. Sure beats $125 form the dealer!
I wonder how they got a Toyota throwout bearing to fit on a GM transmission? I’ve seen the reverse scenario, with the TOYOTA front bearing retainer turned down for a GM throwout bearing.

but I’d be surprised if someone made a sleeve to OD a GM bearing retainer to take a Toyota throwout bearing.
Pulling the Tran and T-case to replace a bad bearing will cost more in time and money than you can possibly save.

That said, I hate paying extra for the same part. Don't cheap out, but if you can be confident you're getting a genuine Koyo bearing, it doesn't matter if it comes in a Toyota package.

As a rule I hate buying parts from the dealership and the lousy service we typically get there. I'm prefer OEM parts... our dealer just reeaally sucks.

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