Clutch Question (Real Time Answers)

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Mar 22, 2009
Sandy, UT
hey guys I got a question I need the answer to A.S.A.P, so I just redid my clutch and all looks good but I have a question about the throw out bearing. Is it always supposed to spin even if the clutch is out? thanks in advance guys:cheers:
My FSM for my 40 says when the clutch is out should 0.1" of play in the fork( to allow the bearing to not be spinning I think). HIH
thanks nathan so I guess that means something is wrong because it is spinning whether the clutch is in or out
Is it touching the PP fingers when the clutch is released?

TO bearing in pressed on the hub which slides over the tranny nose... Shouldn't spin unless the TO face is touching something.

If it's not touching anything, and it's installed correctly (clutch disc is in the right way?) maybe you've got some grease between the input shaft and the TO ? Just a guess.
ya I think I probably got some grease in there but just test drove it up the rode and it works like a dream so I might just let it be?

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