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Sep 7, 2002
Victoria, Australia
I have a 1981 BJ42 and a couple months ago I replaced the clutch slave cylinder all has being well untill today, When i release the clutch pedal it dosn't seem to come all the way up, like before when i was losing fluid through the faulty slave cylinder, I checked for leaks and i have lost no fluid. I love my truck but every time i replace or fix something, something else allways seems to happen, I guess this is part of the attraction.

i know the feeling, my trucks are both coming apart faster than i can put them back together.

few things to check.

spring from top of clutch pedal to a pin up under the dash...

did u bleed the system properly the first time, have you tried to bleed it again to make sure. happened to me first time i changed my clutch master, clutch dissapeared in the middle of traffic.

could need freeplay adjustment at the pedal, or at the slave. on both (i think) there's a locking nut, unlock then turn the rod (going throught the firewall on the clutch) or the rod on the slave.

any1 else got any better ideas?
cool. good luck with it

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