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Jan 13, 2018
San Antonio
So I have getting my ass kicked tonight trying to get the bell housing off this engine so I can get it mounted on a stand so my son and I can start to work on it. I was going to mount it to the engine stand by the bell housing but it became clear quite quickly that that wouldn’t be safe (sits too high).

I have searched my pistons off and know that to get the bell housing off I have to get the clutch, pressure plate, and flywheel off. I cannot get the clutch and pressure plate off to even get to the flywheel bolts.

I took off 6 (3 sets of 2) bolts holding the clutch/pressure plate to the flywheel. When I try to remove the plate, it won’t budge. I have a bad habit of doing things I regret when I get frustrated so I stopped and figured I’d ask my Mud friends. Do I need to get a flat blade screw driver in between the plate and flywheel and pry it off? Are there other bolts than the 6 that I need to remove.

Muchas gracias!!

Here’s a pic of the engine, mainly just because we all love pics.


I got to unload it out of my military surplus M101A2 trailer with my new Kubota tractor. Damn I love this stuff—my wife doesn’t seem to get it—she’s weird like that though (don’t tell her I said that).

May 12, 2013
Old Fort N C
It's just rusted on I'd say. Those six should do it. There are bolts inside the bell housing, behind the flywheel, that you will find, holding the bellhousing to the block.
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