clutch not working, please help 2f 1977 fj45

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Apr 29, 2009
symptom, I just recently bought a cruiser and the clutch will not engage. the slave seems ok and recently replaced, the master seems to be full and holding fluid. :frown:

I had a buddy step on the clutch pedal, and i can see the clutch fork moving(i think its the clutch fork). Basically I wanted to know if there is anything i should check before dropping the tranny and replacing the clutch. Truck starts right up and i can go through all the gears, but it doesnt go anywhere :(:frown:

if any1 can assist me it would b much appreciated
Shift the transfer case through high and low range and then into low again and see what happens...
I'm with Poser, sounds like the xfr is in neutral.
So what is the skinny?
i bought one once that had been sitting for years . the first time i pushed the clutch it engaged and stuck there. i could see the shifter fork moveing. removed the bottom cover and tapped it a couple times with a rubber mallet and it released. worked ok after that.
the 4wd is stuck in neutral, is seems locked???? or seized or??

I tried to move the 4wd shifter and its seems stuck in Neutral, I cant get the shifter out of neutral? what is my next step to get the 4wd shifter moving left or right?

the clutch probably wont do anything until I get the 4wd shifter out of neutral,:frown: IS THAT CORRECT?

hopefully Poser or some1 can assist me. its driving us non mechanics nuts.

please help.
I tried rolling the vehicle forward to get the 4wd to free, but still no luck, when I click the 4wd shifter right or left it seems to hit metal either way, like its hitting a wall or ??? doesnt want to even free a bit??
shove it forward with your foot then yank it back down to try to push to the right. Worked when mine stuck momentarily
how do i shove it forward when it first has to go left or right??? looks the the 4wd is stuck in neutral, i cant move it any way?
Remove the shifter boot and look at things...

Are they rusted up and frozen, or are you trying to move it a direction it will not go because of a shifter gate?

Do you have a transmission and transfer case shift pattern badge on the pocket?
Are you in Fla?
make sure the transfer case isn't in neutral

go under the truck w/ a rubber mallet and follow how it shifts into 2wd or 4wd .. there is a link bar thats bout 6in long thats close to the running board on the passenger side that the xfer case links too.. rubber mallet that thing into 2wd :p

had to do that once to mine
I got the 4wd to shift into all gears, my foot was able to push it rather than my hand. The clutch still wont engage into any gear, so what else could it be??
Have you removed the flywheel housing inspection cover to see if it is full of clutch disc debris?
I got the 4wd to shift into all gears, my foot was able to push it rather than my hand. The clutch still wont engage into any gear, so what else could it be??
Can you get the trans in gear when the engine is not running?

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