clutch kit for my 60

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Aug 17, 2005
t town, wa
where in the hell do i get a clutch kit for my 60? thought kurt had them but dont see them anymore on his site. and MAF is smoking crack. anyone know who has a good kit that is reasonable?
you are awesome!

weird i just checked ebay before this and didnt see anything. thank you
For the same price though, I'd go with the Marlin kit. Heavier Duty than stock. But if you're driving isn't too rough on the clutch, stock is fine. That's what I have in mine and it's great - comfortable pedal pressure.
I did not know that Marlin sold a clutch kit for the 2F and the price is right.

Thanks for that post, I'm converting my FJ62 to 5 speed and it just so happens, I need a clutch.


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