clutch job

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Sep 29, 2003
The Sunshine State
so i decided on not being a pussy and saving 600 bucks and doing the clutch job myself.i was wondering if there is any tips you guys could throw my way. im a lil worried about removing the transmission, i dont have a normal jack i just have a high lift, so i was wondering how i get it down. i figure if i have to buy a jack and some tool it will still be cheaper than paying someone else to do it, plus ill never learn if i dont do it. im just gonna get the kit from man-a-fre.
do i have to buy a torque wrench? wellll i cant really think of anything else at the moment..
thanks agian al :beer:
I am planning the same job. I am buying a tranny jack and few tools also to do it myself. I think the key will be to go slow and read the factory manual for me completing the job. Don't drop the flywhel when the last bolts come loose or you may spend more than $600 at a dentist getting new teeth/face. My mechanic buddy told me it can be done just go very slow and reread the manual until it makes sense.

I hope we both do it right the first time....
haha i have mattress in the garage and im gonna throw that underneath it, ya know just in case
Borrow or rent an engine lift. Stick it through the passenger door. (I assume you remove the tranny hump the same as on an FJ40). Removing the tranny/transfer isn't nearly as hard as putting it back. That's when you need a friend for sure! (as well as the lift).
my rigs high enough off the ground to sit indian style underneath it so come to think of it, it would prob just take out the knees
so i cant just buy a tranny lift?
Sure, if you want. I just found the engine lift with a sling around the tranny/trans to be a great way to do it. (It comes in handy for other jobs, too.)
As far as lifting devices, you have a few options. I've used a regular floor jack. It did the job, but it was pretty hairy and took a long time. You probably could rent a tranny jack for less than a new set of teeth or knees :D. Other option is the engine lift. I remember right, you have a rather small garage area, so an engine hoist may not be an option.

You got a manual? That would be a good start. The job itself is not too dificult, just time consuming. The fact that you are dealing with really heavy parts does not help. Been said before, but the flywheel is really heavy, suprisingly so.

Torque wrench would be a good buy. If money is an issue, you could probably get away with a beam type. They are cheap and they work. The beam type that sears sells is the only craftsman torque wrench that carries the full lifetime warranty. All of the other craftsman torque wrenches carry a 1 year warranty.
i got about 800 a month to spend on my cruiser, so pretty much any chance i get i drop it into my rig. i want her ship shape for my 5000 miles trip this summer.. so far on the parts list i have a torque wrench and a floor or transmission jack... good memory 7footyeti my garage is super tiny, im pretty sure i could find a car cover bigger than it...oh and if any of you live along the east coast and want to go wheeling post somthin up id love to see some cruiser heads along the trip upcoast..
thanks -al
Be aware that the tranny/transfer IS going to swing down on the passenger side due to the transfer case. I've used a come along suspended from 2x4's across the front doors but that was before I had an engine hoist.
One MUST BUY tool is the alignment tool to make sure the pilot bearing and clutch disk align with each other. If they don't the tranny won't go back on.
I'd just use a floor jack personally. I have the 3 speed out of my 40 right now because I am replacing the engine, but if I were just pulling it by it self I'd do it with a floor jack. That's how I change the clutch in my 87 4 runner and that was a much more difficult trans to handle. As far as dropping the fly wheel when the bolts come out, that shouldn't be that big a problem. I had to very carefully and very slowly pry mine off the crank shaft, even though all the bolts were sheered off. But it weighs in the 45lb ball park I'd guess, so when it does come down, make sure you have something under it. With that much room under you truck it is feasable that you and a friend could take turns, one holding it from underneath, the other prying it off. I found two large wrenches placed between the flywheel and the engine at opposite sides and pulled toward the rear at the same time worked out well, and don't try to get around surfacing it after you get it off. Just get it done. You do need a torque wrench, and you should go on and buy the best one you can afford. I buy a lot of cheap tools that don't need to be precise or don't get used much, but I have two good torque wrenches. Oh and clutch alighnment tool comes in the kit from Man-a-fre. Good luck.
i am about to do this same job aswell, i know that the guy who is going to help me put in his 5speed tranny, Marlin Doubler, and T-case in his minitruck just by rolling it onto his chest and hoisting it up. dude is crazy, anyway good luck with the job, and tell me how it goes!
As far as lifts maybe this helps maybe it doesnt. I built a Gantry out of 2, 4x4 posts and two 2x10 planks. Bolt the 2x10s together, like a header for a wall, and then suport them with the 4x4s. I then put a chain around the 2x10s and used a 2 ton chain fall. I can get pics if someone needs them. This is movable and the cost was about 30 bucks for the wood, 10 for the chain and I dont know for the chain fall.

Oh yea. I picked an F motor, trans and transfer with it. and a 2F, trans and transfer. No sweat.
I replaced quite a few clutches before I ever owned a torque wrench. It's kind of like cell phones. Now that they are ubiquitous everybody wonders how in the world they ever got by without them. I'm a big fan of tools; I have a bunch (including torque wrenches) and I can't wait to buy more. And you just can't rebuild an engine without a torque wrench. But replacing a clutch? If you can't afford the wrench, get by without it. .02 :)
I would use and engine hoist to hang/suspend the tranny and t-case. I used 2 come-a-longs and my roll cage when I did my SM420/3spd t-case install. Made it much easier to get things aligned.
I've done it with an engine hoist through the passenger's door and with a tranny jack from below. I thought that it would be faster to use the tranny jack since I wouldn't have to remove the tranny hump - what a mistake! Use an engine hoist and you'll save time in the long run.
dont have room for one i can barly walk by the side of my cruiser in the garage :(
Hey Al, if you want and try to make the trip to Naples, I can give you a hand. Been a while since I've done a clutch, but got lots of tools, jacks and space. Oh yeah and beer :D
hell yeah man..i have to order the kit from man-a-fre and im ready to go..youll have to give directions and ill have to call off work i just need a two week notice..and ill be there a way we could talk with out posting my number here, who knows what weirdo could get it...
thanks for the offer man

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