clutch hydraulic flare fitting stuck

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Aug 9, 2010
Eugene, OR
Since I'm replacing my clutch master cylinder, it seemed wise to change the slave as well. And then I discovered the difficulty of disconnecting the flare fitting on the flange on the firewall.

I'm using a 10mm wrench specifically for flarenuts, and it still pops instead of loosening. Plus, the collection of coils makes it tricky.

Now I understand why Man-a-fre includes the hard line with the full kit.

Unless my application of PB Blast makes difference by tomorrow, and this loosens up, I'm going to order the replacement line as an easier solution than removal (which feels seriously lame to me...)
Yeah a soaking of PB or Kroil should do it hopefully.
Also if using a line wrench, a thick shouldered one is better. I've had thin shouldered line wreches slip alot under pressure.
If there is a good chance you will buy a replacement, then just go ahead and apply vice grips and that should do the job. John

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