Clutch for engine swap

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Jan 10, 2003
Tryon, NC
I'm installing a 4.3 V6 and an SM465 in my FJ40. I've read the propaganda from AA and Downey. My question is this: Is the CenterForce Clutch really necessary if I'm going to use my 79 FJ40 Slave Cylinder? They claim the LC slave cylinder doesn't have enough travel for a stock Chevy Clutch.
I ran a AA clutch and liked it with my Chev motor, AA Bellhousing, and Toyota 4-speed.

I now run a Luk clutch with no complaints....stock LC master and stock LC slave. Make sure you get a full diaphram pressure plate and not a 3-finger jobbie - those ARE useless.

It is trickier to adjust, but works perfect - remember to locate the cast clutch fork and not the stamped steel one.

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