Clutch Fluid Change


Mar 9, 2014
FL Panhandle
Anyone here done a clutch fluid change. Or know of a good write up for one on the fj cruiser. Im thinking I need to change mine since its now 11 years old and still has mr T's original clutch fluid in there.

What type of fluid have people on here used? Just standard brake fluid dot stuff form auto chain store. OR is it worth going to mr T for his brand of fluid. I know they have the good rad fluid but didnt think clutch fluid would differ that much though I may be wrong.
I did swap out the trans fluid for some MT90 from redline per other people recommendations online.

For the fluid change Im thinking turkey baster and a bleed valve somewhere on there just havent gotten in there to see.

I doubt it matters on clutch fluid but mine is a 07 model. I dont imagine that was drastically changed in 10 like other under hood features.

Going to try and do the brake master as well at the same time since similar type of fluid is used I believe.

If you have tips/advice/recommendations post up lets get this fjc section a little more active
Aug 22, 2015
There is a bleeder on the slave cylinder. When changing brake or clutch fluid I just flush - meaning I don't bother to suck out the fluid in the reservoir. Brake fluid is so cheap and brake/clutch rusting or other issues is such a PITA I figure the more clean fluid you flush through there the better. Just my opinion.

As far as fluid I have used Valvoline synthetic brake fluid in everything for seems like forever and have been very happy. It is rated DOT 3 and 4 so covers everything except racing DOT5 silicone (which very few road vehicles have.) Without looking I'm certain that the FJ is DOT 4. Brake fluid sucks moisture out of the air which is why it needs changed in the first place. When you crack open a bottle you should use it all or toss it. If it sits on a shelf after opening it will turn just like the stuff in your master reservoir.

So buy a couple quarts and go to town and do it all at once. I go by color - seems the FJ will stay clear almost forever but I don't drive it much. My Taco's fluid turns dark in a year it seems so it gets flushed often. Really shouldn't go more than 2 years on any vehicle. When the fluid gets dark that means moisture and that means the inside of your system is rusting. Besides it's a good ideas to cycle (or even replace) the bleeder screws once in a while (depending on the salt usage in your area), take the wheels off and inspect calipers, hoses, etc etc.

Have fun.
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