clutch fan 78 fj

Sep 18, 2022
vernon bc canada
hi all, so i recently putchased a new to me 78 fj. i noticed the fan is a direct mount with no clutch system, its getting cold where i live and hoping a clutch fan will help with warm up times, so i purchsed a clutch from rock auto, i notice it mounts with the 4 smaller bolts in the center, looks like the fan mounts to the outer part with a much wider bolt pattern, my fan looks nothing like that, when i look at the rock auto for the fan blade for a 78 it mounts with 4 smaller bolt patern in the center, like the fan i have but with no clutcth system, question is did the 78 come with a factory clutch fan system? what fan blade do i need to get to run the new clutch system i bought, i assumed my fan would bolt to the new clutch elimiating the spacer that i have now. here is a few rock auto photos, ill grab a photo of my actual fan tonight .



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