Clunk sound when putting the truck in gear

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May 4, 2011
Long Island, NY
Hello all..

I have a 92 fj80 that makes a clunk sounds when i switch the truck from P to R or R to D or D to R...(etc, i think you get it). This sounds only happens when the truck is hot. I tried searching the forums and couldn't find anything, perhaps i was not using the correct key words. Anyone have any ideas what this may be? There is no clunking when driving, just a thump when putting it in gear.

U-joints before anything
then check for exessive play at all the flages (at diffs, tranny and tranf case) when you remove both driveshafts. Other then the usual, might be an issue with the tranny itself. you can get that diagnosed at a tranny shop
Most of the Landcruiser autos I work on that have very high mileages 'clunk' when shifting the transmission lever. If you cannot find a lot of wear in any one place it could be an accumalation of wear in the overall drivetrain. I have a manual or 'standard' to you and if I mis-time a shift I can bring on a slight clunk, having checked mine from end to end it is as mentioned slight wear along the entire drive line.

Just a thought, if you have the earlier 'thin' drive flanges at the hubs they could have a lot of wear, later models have thicker flanges but you have to have the long CV's to work with them.


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About typical for these vehicles. Lots of places for slack in a full-time 4x4 drivetrain.
I had the same issue when I purchased my LX 4 yrs ago. I really thought it was the trans and took it to a reputable trans shop right after I brought it home. They test drove it with me and told me that it wasn't the trans and that they had never seen one of these vehicles come in with trans problems. I later read up here on MUD and greased the U-joints. I did replace one rear as well as it was a little sticky and no more "clunk" since, but I do regrease them at every oil change (6000-8000 miles).
I tried searching the forums and couldn't find anything, perhaps i was not using the correct key words

There are hundreds of threads on this. Did you try searching under "driveline clunk" or "clunk"?

Full time 4WD has a lot of slack in the drivetrain.
Had the same issue and found lots of threads that said to grease evertyhing int eh drivetrain that takes grease. So that is what I did. I even filld the Birf's . Clunking is much less but not entirely gone. This is to be expected on a truck with 253,000 miles on it..
Thanks for all the replies... I tried searching before i posted but i wasn't using the correct key words. Just looked at a few drive line clunk threads and i will try to grease everything.

Thanks agian.

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