Club Tubing Bender?

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Feb 19, 2002
Washington, DC
I was looking through some thread in the swamped 40 tech section and noticed one club has a club use tubing bender. Anyone interested??? Build your own cages? bumpers etc?

A manual JD2 bender is pretty reasonable, dies arent cheap, but we should be able to spread the cost.


need a place to mount it if you borrow it. going to require a solid anchor into concrete to work. Probably a 6"x6" on center 1/2" anchor bolts.

Dies are consumable. Particularly if someone is not familiar with grease/lube. This can destroy a die in one bend. scratched tube is worthless. So there needs to be a library card like checkout, with an outbound and inbound inspection and an agreement to replace damaged parts.

Its going to be manual(not hydraulic), so if you weigh 95lbs after a trip to pizza port, this may not be a wise choice. It takes some effort, or alot of swing room to work the manual benders for a whole day.

I am happy to give lessons on using it, as I had plenty of practice using a bender building the race truck. Takes to getting used to and you WILL waste some tube.


FYI: I am willing to buy the bender if others are interested in getting a good range of dies...

Common Die sizes:

If you want to price out dies, the only ones to get are 180 degree. there will be a few times here and there to use one more than 90 and the extra cost will be well worth the money.
My brother-in-law picked up a tube bender a little while back to do some projects on a buggy and a Bronco that he has. He ended up making up a cage and some grab bars for the buggy, but has been sidetracked on his Bronco build since he's working on house projects now. So it's just sitting in his garage, and I can find out if he would be cool with us using it. He mentioned it was hydraulic, and said it was pretty easy to use once he got the hang of it.

I will ask him next time I see him to see what he thinks about us borrowing it or taking it for a spin. Can't hurt to ask....

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