Club Meet 6 Mile Pub Oct 13 Thurs Night 7 pm

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I’m into coming but might have to finagle a ride as this is the time of year i knuckle down and do all the cruiser work I been putting off threw the summer, my driving season. Im about to poach the turbo kit from one truck for the other, new exhausts all around and tackle a tcase oil drip that came about all the sudden.
I’ll be watching how good a turnout is expected… my 13 year old son is going on a hike leaving Friday for the weekend and we’re trying to make sure he has everything packed by tomorrow night. Still buying some of the last gear he needs.

I’ll have to see where we are at. If his gear isn’t ready he doesn’t get to go.
What does he need? At least he knows it won’t rain and it won’t be too cold.
I think we just need a couple bottles for water, garden gloves, and to pack now. Had a productive/expensive evening.
Thanks @cruiserpilot for organizing this meet.

We had some excellent conversation as usual. Had six members attend, and four trucks on site.

Hope to get some sort of outing organized soon. Personally I'm hoping for a bit of rain first so fire hazard, dust etc. are less.
Good Meet! Nothing like guns, beer and politics to make for fun conversation. It was a pleasure to meet
Christina, I'm sure there will be a meet up around a fire with her and Crusty soon! Best of luck with the move.
I think the run home was one of my all time favourites, traffic was light, 110k all the way never stopped once!!

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