clothing lines

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Sep 29, 2003
The Sunshine State
is there a purpose for those cables that run from the top of the brush guard to your roof rack? the only thing i can think of is stopping branches from wacking off the window, or drying the underwear after a water crossing... :banana:
i have no clue whos it is but its cool...
yeah, it's just an extention of the brush guard idea.
keeps the branches/limbs from hittin the windshield.

a lot of "safari" outfitted vehicles have them (or maybe that's just the really really rich people's way of saying that we'll never have a rover as "cool" as their's is.)

i do like the underwater cb antenna thing though, haha

[quote author=lowtideride link=board=1;threadid=6554;start=msg53166#msg53166 date=1066712624]
i have no clue whos it is but its cool...
I just want to know what it is. Looks like a 40 got it on with an SUV or something. :slap: Whatever it is it looks kinda cool. 8)
Itsa 70 series. Still make them for pretty much everywhere but the US :(. Damn cool trucks, pretty much today's 40 series with an equivalent troopy, pickup bed, and removable top SWB models. Cable lockers and PTO winches are options too.
Thanks Mr T :(
I guess none of you have ever wheeled in the SE> Narrrow trails covered wiht brush? Save the WS and the paint job.
those 70s are def cool....yeah i run thru brush and trees all the time about 2weeks after getting my rig painted i ran up thru the crazy trails in treverton PA,strip mines and moutians and cliffs oh my,scrtached the hell out of the front top of my in the summer when i go back up there im putting some clothing lines on my rig.... al
I don't have them. I think they look stupid. hahaha :D
that just made milk come out my nose

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