Closing the sunroof manually

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Oct 4, 2004
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Sunroof closes most of the way, but will not seal on the rear end. Not interested in spending the $$$ right now to repair. Someone previously posted a link (maybe from a Chilton's manual?) with the following language:

"Manually operate the moon roof by inserting a special crank−shaped screwdriver into the hole and turning the drive shaft"

I haven't opened it yet, but can somebody be more specific about what kind of screwdriver is needed, and whether this will be fairly easy to find. Also, will this pull the rear into place, or am I looking at a different procedure?

Thanks in advance. -Mike
There is a 6 step (maybe 7) adjustment process in the FSM manual that should take care of your problem.
there are 6 nuts that hold the glass to the rails and there are shims that adjust how the glass fits in the sunroof opening. it takes five minutes to remove the glass. i would recommend removing the plastic trim pieces that cover the hardware and check to make sure the nuts are tight and the shims are in place. it may need a little adjustment. you also may have bad weather seal around the glass that need replacing.

i have replaced the entire drive screw from one side and don't recall a method to hand crank the sunroof. although i know this can be done some other toyotas.

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