climate control box light?! Help!

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Apr 17, 2012
Knoxville, TN
The heat and A/C control unit in the '89 FJ62 I bought recently doesn't light up when I turn my headlights on at night. Is there actually a light in it that has burned out or is it just built without one? If there is, can it be replaced? I would really appreciate any input. Thanks.

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Yes there is a bulb in there, stock looks like this:

Here is the area exposed, photo from the LED thread and this photo shows the bulb being replaced with an LED:

Photo of my dash lit up, converted to LED:
Yes small bulbs ,not very hard to get out. Several exposed screws in dash to remove. Might just be a loose bulb. 1-1/2 hour job. at most . Mike
After thinking about it, you dont need to remove any of the dash/screws... if all you want to replace is the heater/AC bulb you push on the plastic piece from the right side (pushing to the left and pulling out), this will swing it open and expose the diffuser, pull the diffuser out (just slides out) and there's the bulb.

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Less than 20 minutes and I get a reply. You rock! The LED thread link you gave me was good but the other two didn't work. Said they didn't exist. Oh well. How does the box come out? Was it simple or am I gonna be tearing apart half my dash? Thanks again for the speedy reply!

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Ooops. Got other replies while checking the other bad! =)

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And now those other links came through... Nice. Thanks again.

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Bloody fantastic! The only way that could have been easier is if the damn bulb changed itself! Thanks so much guys. You all are awesome!

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