Clicking noise when turning

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Jun 10, 2003
Columbia, SC
Since we are on the topic of 'noises', when I make a sharp-fast turn I get this popping noise, like clicking and the same interval, varies with speed. I'm thinking bad wheel bearing but any other thoughts? Only happens when turning. Car has 184k miles too.
Ummm i'd say maybe 50k or so. The front hub seal was leaking and had to be replaced so I think they repaced that, that was at like 130 if im not mistaking. Im going to pull the serivce record today.
That's brings up a question. What is a recommended interval for doing the front axle service for a daily drive, light off-roading. I did mine for the first time at 114k and they were in pretty good shape. I think I've seen a reccomended interval of 60K. Thoughts>
As far as the wheel bearings go, the PO on my '86 4Runner never did any front axle service, never took it offroad (So. CA surface streets and freeways only, no rain/water, garaged) in 14 yrs. (and never changed the brake fluid, either). When I got the vehicle, I repacked the hubs w/ 102K mi on the odo...bearings/front still looked good, but there was some play.
The recommended service is every 60k. Myself and others have waited until around 100k. Depending if the 4Runner had the auto locking hubs, that kind of mileage would be fine. A simple bearing repack from a failed hub gasket wouldn't be the same as a knuckle rebuild. I wouldn't mess around with this clicking noise as the Birfield can go to SH*T pretty fast not to mention completely failing with no more notice than you are having now.
There's no reason to think Toyota overstated the 60k interval. After that you are running on borrowed time although you may last a long time. My suggestion is that you do it as soon as you buy a used 80 and build it into your purchase price budget.

Mine went dry and grenaded 3k after I bought it at 125k if you want an example of how long is too long. My mechanic suggested it was time to change when the seal started leaking onto the wheel. He was mistaken.
I do drive a tremendous amount of highway 25k+ a year. So there is less work done by the Birfs. If my driving styles change then I'll go with the recommended 60k time permitted. As Semlin stated a rebuild on a used truck over the 60k should be done as most POs won't shell out the $1000.00+ to do it and roll that savings into the purchase of their next vehicle.
So far I have replaced every bearing and seal from the t-case (less the rear diff)and the only ones that were shot were the steering bearings and birfields. I got it at 208k mi. I have a new t-case and the old t-case bearing were showing some wear.

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