Click no start after trying to remove crank pulley bolt

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Dec 20, 2009
So I am trying to replace the oil pump seal that is leaking on my 95 LC and was using the starter 'bump' method to remove the crank bolt. Had the breaker bar up against the frame and kicked the starter for a second. It did not break the crank bolt free and would also not start again...not even clicking. Thought I toasted a fuse, so went to get a couple of starter fuses (50A); when I got back, tried to kick it again and it started working. Tried it 3 times (bolt still not budging), and now I am only getting clicking but starter not doing anything.

Up to this point, never had an issue with the starter, ever. Battery tests good with 12.3 volts. Fuseable links are all intact.

Sounds like battery is down a bit. Try jumping it. Quick and easy.
12.3 is fine but under a load trying to start is probably considerably less. Still no crank and just a click, check battery connections.
^^^This^^^. 12.3v is about 65% charged in a lead-acid 12v battery. You could charge the battery and try it again, but if the battery is dying it may not hold a charge.
Jumping did it...I am thinking that when I tried to bump it with the breaker against the frame (which did not loosen the crank bolt) it drained the battery a bit.

Thanks all!

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