Clearance between Clutch cover and T/O bearing

Apr 3, 2005
Kyunggi, South Korea
I have a question about clearance between clutch cover and T/O bearing when pedal isn't pressed.
My FJ62 has manual transmission and used same parts & mechanism about clutch with later US FJ60.
Until a few days ago, I thought that there's a little clearance exists between clutch cover spring and t/o bearing but after did comprehensive checking about my FJ62's clutch system, I found that there are no clearance always.
So it means that T/O bearing is always rounding and rounding.
When I press the slave cylinder rod and give clearance, it return to contact bearing and clutch cover.
Is it OK ? or if it's not correct situation, is there any way I can correct this ?
Attached photo was taken when clutch pedal wasn't pressed.
I saw that pre 84 clutch system had fork return spring but mine don't have.
If anyone knows about this, please inform me.

Thank you,

Oh, Min Seok

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Mar 12, 2004
At rest, the t/o bearing does contact the clutch cover diaphram and spin.
It sounds incorrect but it is normal operation for a late '84 and on 60 series clutch.
However, pre late '84 models use both a return spring attached to the fork and an adjustable slave cylinder rod.

Mar 12, 2004
;) It's my use of figurative language and questionable writing style that "sounded" err was confusing.

By "sounds incorrect" I mean to say that it may seem "contrary to practical sense" for the throwout bearing to be constantly spinning when the clutch is at rest.
Yet, that is the design for post november 1984 models; no clutch return spring and no adjustable slave rod.

Prior to november 1984 models (pre late'84) used both a clutch return spring and an adjustable slave cylinder rod. This would allow the throwout bearing to back off the clutch diaphram.

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