Clear plastic cover-slip on LX470 HVAC control LCD peeling up slightly?

May 14, 2020
Davis, California
In my LX470, the LCD screen for the HVAC has a thin, clear piece of plastic over it with a thin black border around the edge. It is peeling up on the left and right side, probably from age and heat warping. If I press it in with my fingers, it stays in place for a while, but slowly pops back out on left and right end over time.

I'm thinking about putting a tiny dab of CA glue (krazyglue) under the black edge of the plastic, where it hopefully won't be visible, but I'm worried about it reacting with the LCD underneath or something.

I've seen pics of other LX470s that have the same problem, so it's probably pretty common.

Anyone had any luck fixing it with CA glue or some other method?
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