Cleaning up an 8274

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I like a wire wheel
I like a wire wheel

Sounds good for the steel drum. What do you spray the drum with once finished to keep it from rusting again right away: oil, paint or clear coat?

What did you use on the aluminum case: parts cleaner or aluminum cleaner?

Looks like I am going to need to build myself a bench just for rebuilding them so I can lay all the parts out as they come apart.
What did you use on the aluminum case: parts cleaner or aluminum cleaner?

Depends what you are cleaning off the housing. If the alloy is oxidized I doubt a cleaner will do a good job. Sandblast would work well. Scour pads and buffing if you want to see your reflection.
I like glass beading aluminum but haven't found anything i like to protect it after.
I want to try ''Shark Hide metal protectant'' if i can find a dist.Sharkhide
Media blast with medium air press, just enough to take the corrosion off. Leaves a nice matte finish, like how it came from the factory. Then clear coat with Endura to keep from corroding again.

Did this to my 13B-T timing case and T-Case housing. Also top of my H55F when apart. Didn't do the clearcoat though, cause we didn't have any at the time.

Can do your winch parts, willing to barter or what have you.... or stop by the Hangar and go at it yourself!! PM me about second option if serious.
Hey John, mostly busy with work and putting together a 70 series that was molested by the same guy who buggered my waggon. Kind of burned out of toyotas for awhile. Also bought a house.

Are you going to use synthetic line on the winch? If so, Endura might stand up to it. Pick your colour, we have lots. If it wears it off, try something else.
A house will do that to you. It gets worse. Wait till you get married and have kids. Make sure you have all your toys lined up before that happens!

I won't be doing synthetic line. It is going to stay mounted and the synthetic line will just get filled with winter road crap and rot. Also, I couldn't afford the nice stuff Dave showed us last year when he also showed us his fancy digital gauges.

How buggered is the wagon? I hope not too bad. Maybe we'll see you and the new to you 70 at the next meeting. :beer:
The 70 is a friend's truck, but I might be driving it for a while. The roof is rotting out of my truck and the s***e craftsmanship of the body work is getting worse. At least I won't feel so bad about bouncing it off some trees/rocks. Give the 70 2 winters, and it'll be the same way.

You could still shoot some paint on the reel, and see how long it holds up. Having never owed a winch, I don't have much experience with paint-cable interface surfaces.

I'd like to pick up a used 8274, a pilot at work gave me a winch bumper thats made for that model. I have to move the frame mounts on the bumper though, fits an Isuzu Trooper right now.
Are 8274s pretty easy to find on craigslist?
I got all of mine via BC4x4 as "parts" winches. Got the first two last year fall from a guy in Mission. The last one I put a want ad on BC4x4 for a parts winch which came from a guy north of Nelson. In a couple days I had a response. I don't see parts winches come up on CL. But it doesn't hurt to put a want ad on BC4x4, CL or even here on MUD. So far I am in $150 for three 8274s. When I get to opening them up, I'll find out how much they'll cost to fix up.

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