Cleaning the carpet

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Jun 21, 2011
Redding, California
I'm about ready to put the carpet back in the 60. My original carpet was trashed and ripped so, I bought some from another member.

The carpet has a huge oil/petroleum stain on it (about 2' x 3.5' area).

We have a smaller steam cleaner but, I think this will need to be pre-cleaned prior to steam cleaning.

I will be putting a cargo drawer system over this carpet so the stain won't bother me too much. However, would like to get it as nice as possible prior to this.

What's everyone's thoughts on detergents..(Simple Green, Resolve, or whatever...)


i would go at it the steamer first, just to see what happens. you may just have to hit it with steam a few times. i would be wary of using those harsh cleaners on the carpet unless they were watered pretty far down.
I've always just used a pressure washer, just totally smash it with water, blows most everything out, and gets right through it, leave it to dry for a few days, and chuck it back in.

I did this with mine, and about a month later got half of it under water (muddy).... but it was clean for a bit :)
take it to the do-it-yourself carwash and spray the crap out of it. use all the different settings, degreaser, soap and rinse. should make a dent in it.
I like Simple Green and Oxyclean. I've never tried Simple Green full strength on carpet so be careful. The pressure washer is also a good idea. It worked well for me when I did a full interior cleaning.
I use full strength oil eater or purple power and a brush followed by pressure washer. And repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

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