Cleaning inside of gas tank

Jul 15, 2019
Any suggestions for this? Heard some people use Muriatic acid, let it soak for a day or so, then baking soda and vinegar.

There's no sludge or anything nasty in mine, just some loose stuff. A new fuel tank is probably expensive.


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Apr 17, 2006
Sonoma County, CA
@Thad55 if there is no rust slosh fuel around and dump out the debris. For rust muriatic acid slosh, let it set for a couple of minutes only, then rinse out with baking soda and water to neutralize the acid, then get it dried out and filled with fuel as quickly as possible.

I have had both a dirty tank with no rust and a rusty tank. Once each so take it for what’s its worth. After the acid and neutralization it will flash rust pretty quick so that’s why I suggest getting it dry and filling with fuel asap.

The acid is no joke. It’s an absolute must to wear a mask with filter elements (not just a paper mask), chemical resistant gloves, and safety glasses. When the acid hits the rust it off gasses a toxic cloud. I am the most absolute unsafe person and probably have 5 pounds of metal shavings stuck in my body with lungs coated in spray paint. For serious be careful with the acid and good luck!
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