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Dec 13, 2010
Atenas, Costa Rica
I'm ready with all the work under the hood so it's time to clean up the engine bay. I have a Kärcher power washer with extra tank for mixing to do the cleaning but after drying up there are whitish spots visible due to the rich water that we have here, so my first question is: What can I ad to the water to make it a really nice cleaning job. Let me know what stuff you use to clean your engine bay. Oh, btw, I live in Costa Rica and we dont have all the brands you're using so please tell me what the ingredients are so I can look for that product. Shampoo, detergent, grease remover, whatever.

Second question; Who can tell me what was on the yellow decal in the picture? Please post a pic if you have one.


Thanks in advance for the help.

:beer: Rudi
For the whitish residue you could try adding a litle diswasher rinse (not sure this is the right word, but you add Salt, Soap and "rinse?" to a dishwasher).
It works for washing the car on the outside (Like if i was ever going to do that ;p)
Hello Rudi, I had part of that decal on my valve cover too, but i've since removed it when i overhauled the cooling system and cleaned it up a little under the hood. I noticed yours says "J5" and mine said "J6"? Not too sure either what the purpose of the decal was though. :meh:

I used elbow grease to clean my engine up! :hillbilly:
Couple more off 2977cc B-engines:



The white stuff is deposit and salt in the water. Rinse with distilled water right away when you are done cleaning and all is good.
The white residual is lime, chalk, calcium (I don't know how you call that) but it's the white stuff left behind after the water dries up. If I wash my car with plain water and don't dry it with a cloth or so and do that several times then you get a white film which you can only remove by polishing. So I use a special shampoo with wax in it to do the outside and if I forget to dry it, it doesn't leave the white stuff because of the special shampoo.
I don't think it's wise to do the engine bay the same way.
So my question still is; what can I add to the water (besides buying a gallon of very expensive stuff from Kärcher) to wash the engine bay that cleans and doesnt leave any residual stuff after drying up.

Acids & Sodas are the chemicals that are used, BUT spraying an harsh acid or soda on wiring that's open will wick that bad chemical down the wire and cause problems later.
Using acid / soda with a paint brush , and control where you apply , then wash with your water shampoo with wax in it would be a neater solution.

Acid on Aluminum , soda on Steel Iron. Wash after so much time , and everything.
Your showing engine pictures , if your talking about the inner body / fenders , disregard my posting.

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