Wanted Clean: Medium Red Pearl (3H4) "Burgundy" or Nightshadow Pearl (8K0) "Blue" FZJ80, Gray Int.

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United States
I'm looking for a clean Medium Red Pearl (3H4) 1991 through 1997 FJ80 with Gray Interior (leather or cloth). Ideally the truck would be relatively stock, have excellent paint and interior, and no rust. Like, zero rust. None.

1x locked truck would be ideal, because I plan to add Harrop lockers, but show me what you got!

Budget is $4k to $15k depending on the truck. I'm planning an engine swap, so paying a premium for mechanical mods is not value-added.

Thanks for looking!!!


I'd also be interested in a Nightshadow Pearl Blue truck with gray interior.

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Burgundy love - big ups!

Good luck with your search mine has tan interior. No rust. Almost with Harrops too but I'm holding off.
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you could buy my 95 green one and have it painted burgundy for waaaaay under 15k:)

Haha, you’re too far away! And “minimal rust” is too much rust for me. GLWS!

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