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Apr 11, 2020
So I appreciate the link to the harness... but which configuration did you purchase?

And did you purchase the hella housing and bulbs from the same website? If so, do you have details/links of those?

Lastly would love to see the Baja Design fog/driving lights you purchased.

I, like you, would love a lighting upgrade, but I'm not ready to drop a paycheck on the lights, even though I know they're important... just need to get the stock-ish stuff working as well as possible...
I purchased the harness and the bulbs from that site. I’d call him, he was very knowledgeable. Here is the part number for the fj62 harness: HL28202FJ62
For the (4) fixtures I got them from Napa, they were cheap and my insurance (AAA) gives you a discount, so it was a lot cheaper or I would have got them from him. Here is the part number for those on the Napa site: BK 7358935
The fog lights are the squadron. I got the SAE version which has a street legal lense but I believe you just changed the lenses to go for a different pattern.
I’ll dig up some pictures. I will say the combo isn’t cheap but the halogen and harness alone is a great upgrade and I believe more functional than the LEDs (easily repairable & some bulb options), unless the LEDs are repairable? The harness can handle the 100w bulbs which would make them even brighter but I had no need for that. I hope that helps.


Feb 4, 2013
We just got our Holley squares in for a 62.....waited a long time for them to get here. We'll try to get them in next week. Not sure how the wiring will be but not overly concerned. These will be able to run as 4 low beams and 4 high beams which is pretty cool.
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Any update on this? Are you still planning on making a thread?


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Feb 1, 2010
Tampa FL
Any update on this? Are you still planning on making a thread?
Haven't started back on that truck....I'll for sure do a thread once we get it into the shop. I'll link it on here. Maybe next week we'll have a look at them.

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