CLCC Holiday party date selected

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Jun 15, 2013
We voted in tonight Saturday December 30th as the night. 6420 Pima St Alexandria, VA 22312. Start time 6:30 pm. Club will provide taco fixins and BYOB. Coolers will be ready already with ice. Just stash your beer upon arrival. Significant others are encouraged if they can stomach Landcruiser talk. Kids are welcome to, as we can set up a pen for them upstairs with a TV as long as parents rotate some supervision. Would love to see some Keystone guys if anyone wants to make the road trip. I have some guest rooms we can give dibs to for any Pennsylvania boys and plenty of couch space if you don’t mind Vince snoring. Don’t knock or ring the doorbell, because the party will be in the basement and no one will answer. Just come on in and come downstairs. Merry Xmas and see you soon after.
I'm planning to attend along with Lylia (hopefully my DD). Matt and Ryan will likely tag along.
I'm a maybe, still working on finding a sitter for Crash :)

I don't know how to respond to that... did you adopt him? is he not potty trained? Is he not a grown ass man?

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