Clayton, OK: 5/23 to 5/26

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Jan 31, 2003
[td][/td] :)11th annual Memorial Day High Country Trail ride! Go to for information on this great event. Guided trail rides for everything from mild to wild. See ya there! Chuck
I will be in Texas this summer, in Houston. You know any good spots to wheel?

You might want to contact the local Land Cruiser club there. Lone Star Land Cruisers has several clubs (one in Houston area). Go to: for more info. Another off-road group is: I think they are in Houston. Many from there go to Gilmer (Northeast TX) to TMTC ( ). You might want to check out the forum at: Another new popular wheeling spot in South Texas is Katemcy Rocks. Check them out at:
If you decide to hang around Houston, things are pretty flat. The beaches near Galveston are nice, but be sure to hose off the salt afterwards. Hope you keep the shiney side up. Chuck
Thanks for all the web sites and info.


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