Clarity or further enablement. Cross posted in the 60 section too.

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Nov 22, 2009
Southwest Virginia
So, proud owner of too many cars. My wife has a Volvo station wagon and has agreed to drive a land cruiser. She prefers the 200 series but my budget only affords what I have (80 & 60) or a 100 series. My dilemma, I have owned the 80 series for a decade and love the platform; however, I recently fell into a 60 series that is set up exactly how I imagined. I have a daily driver (Camry 5 speed) that is economical so the down time associated with normal OCD maintenance and unscheduled repairs would not prove to be a hardship.

Plans are to sell the Volvo and one of the Land Cruisers (80 or 60) to purchase the 100 series, with the additional money funding repairs and modifications.

Who has been in this situation and how did you justify your decision.

80 Series has 340K with a freshened up head. No real issues other than normal gremlins.
60 Series is a tear down and baseline in process. Eventually I could see a V8 repower or diesel if the situation warrants.

Both are mechanically sound but not show queens. They get used for their intended purpose about 6 times a year, other than that they are pavement bound.

As cool as I think 60s are I wouldn’t think they are as cool with a V8 in it.

I’m a firm believer of “the devil you know”.

If you have the money for a V8 swap or diesel conversion then you are close to the money for a used 200.

Keep the 80.
Pictures of the 80? I'm (nearly) always in the market.

I may have a Land Cruiser problem...
You guys suck. I was hoping for clarity. It's just a bunch of junkies jonesing for a fix!

They are both butt ugly chicks.
@Malleus, for you my brother.

@LS1FJ40 I would leave the 2F in until it died, was rebuilt, and died again.


Keep the 60. It’s probably worth more now and down the road possibly. Besides that, you love that brown machine. And don’t be such a penny pincher, get your wife a used 200. I’m sure you’ll get to drive it occasionally.
The 60 has rust. Fixing rust on a 60 is a b!tch!

The 80 looks cleaner.

Don’t get me wrong, the 60 is cool as sh!t but it’s dying a slow death.
I Miss my 60' but I love my lx450. Don't miss the engine dieing on hill climbs as the carb ran out of fuel

Hit a steep hill yesterday evening in 2nd. Almost had to downshift. I am still learning the idiosyncrasies of the 60.

Ugh, still looking for clarity. Thank each one of you for your input.

BTW, my wife does not believe I will get rid of either one and one day the 100 will just show up in the driveway. Oh, how I wish that were a reality.

Too sweet!

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