craigslist Clapped out 2013 LC, White San Antonio, TX

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A used 2013 LC came up for sale at a local Mercedes-Benz dealership and because the price looked right, I went to check it out a few weeks back. I see it is still for sale so I thought I would post up my impressions here just incase one of y'all were looking at it from afar. It's also one of the least expensive 2013+ LCs on Autotrader at this time. The vehicle had a ton of paint chips was my first impression ...everywhere ...even in the door ceil area that is not exposed to road debris. It also had a pretty harshed out interior with a rip in the middle row seating and part of the front passenger seating barely hanging. It did drive well and apparently passed their extensive inspection, so I you plan to vinyl wrap and don't care about the interior, you could probably talk them down quite a bit.


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