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    what to do with?
    i picked up some mahagony(sp) clams. just wondering what to do with them.....short of steaming. i'm thinking about throwing them on the bar-b.

    anybody have any "secret" recipes or meathods.....they would like to share?

    i think i'll pass on the chowder as well, i do like though.
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    Steam them in 2 cups of white wine (good enough that you would drink it by the glass) and two cups of chicken broth, with finely chopped fresh garlic, the juice of one lemon, a dash of worcestershire, and a pinch of pepper flakes. Once they open, take them out, keep 1/4 of them, take the meat out of the rest and chop it. In the meantime, simmer the steaming liquid with a tablespoon of butter. While the mixture reduces, boil some short pasta (rotini, penne, cavatapi). While it's boiling, chop up some fresh parsley and grate some parmesan or romano cheese. Put the chopped clams in the sauce right before you take it out, pour over the drained pasta, add the parsley and parmesan cheese. Put the remaining clams on top of the bowl before serving.

    Serve with some hot crusty bread and baby mixed greens with a light vinaigrette, plus the rest of the wine.
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