CJ Jeep Tach used on FJ 40 or 55?

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Oct 22, 2004
Norcross, GA
I've been pulling out some old basement stuff to sell on ebay and I found a tachometer and two clocks for a 1976-1986 CJ 7. We bought them for my son's 1981 Larado but never installed them. The tach even has a PVC housing that can be mounted on the steering column.

Looks like these are going for $40-50 on ebay. I thought, WTH, I'd rather use them on my Landcruiser - if they work.

I did a search but did not find anyone commenting on using these parts. I have the wiring harnesses and think I can figure out how to install them - just wondered if anyone has used these guages on their FJ 40s or FJ 55s?

CJ Jeep Clock.jpg
CJ Jeep Tach.jpg
Seen them in Jeeps...not in a Land Cruiser.

Sell them in the for sale section, or on ebay....

Good luck!


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