cigarette lighter question?

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Aug 26, 2011
Kansas City area
My cigarette lighter will not engage. I looked down in the socket and there are tabs on each side. I think over the years these have been pushed out and no longer make contact with the lighter when you push it in. I think the tabs should be closer together so that they crimp the lighter when you push it in. Does this make sense? I know the socket has power but the lighter will not get hot even when held in. Thoughts?
Not sure if you are one of those all original oem types but I purchased a generic replacement from Auto Zone for $8.00, fit great and was an easy fix. I did have to crimp a different terminal end on the harness to make it work though.
Next time your at the wrecking yard pick up a couple they're cheap.
My understanding is the tabs that hold it in are bimetal as the lighter gets hot they bend out and let go. You can bend them in so they will hold it better. Just do a little at a time till your happy with the heat.

If holding the lighter in on your own doesn't produce heat then it's bad.

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