cibie oscar lights - yes or no?

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May 19, 2009
Charlotte, NC
I have had a brand new pair of these laying around for a while. The are the bi-oscars, fog/drive beam with h4 bulbs. I even have the 80/100 bulbs in them. Never mounted but was thinking about doing it. Would you put these on your LC?

I love Cibies and even had a set of Oscar+ that I ran a few years ago. The Big Hella 4000s are better nowdays, but they Bi-Oscar's will work.
I have not used them personally but have heard good things about them.

I've always wanted to try their SC Oscar model, in the cornering pattern. But I've also seen their (SC Oscar's) reflector surface get cruddy more than once.

That said, I would not hesitate in putting them on my rig if I had them.
unless Colorado is too far to ship, and Oregon is closer....:flipoff2:
Never heard of that brand. I don't have any lights mounted on my ARB. Those lights have got to be better than no lights.:cool:
I would put em on. Before installing them though check and see if the are remotely waterproof. I took my lc through a rather large stream and my hella 4k's filled up with water. I haven't been that mad in a while... well at least not that mad until I noticed that my rear floor board was soaked(4 days later. eww the smell).
Nothing like a REAL late post reply, huh?

Anyway, I LOVE Cibie'...owned / used them since 1972, and currently have Oscar SCs on my LX. ALso have a vintage set of Cibie 145 series on there, and use a Series 35 as rear backups.

I like Cibie' a lot... I also like dealing with Daniel Stern, from whom I got the Oscar SCs

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