Chukardog's Double ugly gets a lift!

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May 10, 2007
Snohomish, Wa
Courtesy of Tor Slinning at Torfab in Lynnwood Wa. It only took me 3 years but I finally pieced together my lift. Used OME Dakars from LCwizard, new 4+ Shackles , BDS shocks, greasable pins etc. I went with slightly longer shackles than stock, the guys at MAF said it would give me another 1" of lift.

Ol Tor really earned his money on this project, everything was rusted and near impossible to remove. The stock pins were so rusted they were literally half the diameter they should be. Yikes. Tor did a first rate job and I highly recommend him. He knew how bad I was itching to do this and fit me in, in between doing some really cool Cruiser diesel swaps.

Sorry for the dark pictures, its a typical Summer day here in the PNW. Here is the before

Looks great. What size tires?
Lookin good :cheers:
Yeah.. nice. I think the lift kits make the truck look like it should have come from the factory brand new.
Gives the truck a far better "look" than stock.

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