chugging problem in my 71 FJ40 (1 Viewer)

May 3, 2010
I just got a 1971 FJ40. Really like it, but having two problems and no mechanic yet I can trust to give me a straight answer. Advice please for this FJ40 non-mechanic rookie. First, when I get to about 30mph, slightly warming engine, she starts to chug and spit and occasional backfire. Too rich? No smoke, but exhaust smells rich to me. How do I adjust it? Or float not opening? Happens only in 2nd or 3rd, not first, so ? not fuel line?? Second, when clutch pushed all the way down, the last inch to the floor causes a terrible screech. This just started. When I hit a speed bump it also made that same noise, if it helps. Still shifts ok, but worrisome. Glad to know you all are out there. I'll take some pics and post soon. Thanks. Tom

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